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Product Overview

The 'Soloist' delivers a truly focussed tone, able to articulate even the most complex pieces. With a unique rosette style, contrasting binding material and gold-lyre machineheads, the Solista is an attractive, accomplished performer.

Our Archived range showcases former guitars that are no longer available. We have continued to display them as a way for you to find out about your Admira guitar, even after it is no longer in production. Archived guitars highlight many of the original designs and aesthetics that have helped shape our current range.


UK product Code 2146
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar
Back Sapelli
Sides Sapelli
Neck African Mahogany and Ebony
Fingerboard Mongoy
Machine Head Lyre Design Gold
Bridge Rosewood
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (2)

"This guitar was my second. And I still have it today"
Jaromír, Czech Republic
"Wonderful tone, looks great even after 28 years of playing, great quality ."
Hilmi, United Kingdom